KSDE SECD Roadshow


Friday, September 20, 8:30am – 3:00pm


Orion Education & Training 13939 Diagonal Rd. Clearwater, KS. 67026


This edition of the SECD Roadshows is designed to be the professional development (PD) associated with the State Board approved Social-Emotional Character Development Standards (SECD). Feedback from continuing surveys and the public comments phase of the standards revision process indicates that the field requests that KSDE provide statewide technical assistance relative to the implementation of the SECD standards, the aligned instruction/curriculum and the evaluation of social-emotional growth. SECD is unique to Kansas, Kansas was the first state to adopt standards that integrated social-emotional learning and character development. All three trainers have been involved with this standards process since adoption in 2012 and revision in 2018. Topics to be covered include:

·        Review of the revisions made to the SECD standards

·        Implementation/instruction/evaluation strategies around the standards and social-emotional growth

·        Alignment with on-going KSDE initiatives (i.e. bullying prevention, employability, school mental health, IPS, KESA, MTSS)

·        Practitioners tool kit for implementation

·        Training materials/guides

·        On-line resources


KSDE Consultants


Member Workshop Fee: $50/person
Nonmember Workshop Fee: $50/person

Not available for College Credit

Cancellations must be received 48 hours in advance or fees will be due; same district substitutions are allowed. If Orion is not notified of a cancellation, the district is still responsible for the enrollment fee. We understand that there can be emergencies and we will work with those on an individual basis once we have been contacted in a timely manner.

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