Procedures, Procedures, Procedures: Establishing Behavioral Expectations for Practically Everything


Thursday, June 22, 8:30am – 3:30pm


Orion Education & Training 13939 Diagonal Road - Clearwater, KS 67026


Procedures are how classrooms are run. They prescribe how students are to do what they are expected to do in class. Without procedures, students are free to make up their own ways to do things, which often leads to student misbehavior and teacher frustration.

We will learn how to develop procedures and when to implement procedures to clarify student behavioral expectations classrooms, which brings order to the classroom and leads to a calmer learning environment.

Come prepared to analyze how your classroom operates and be open to making some changes. If you are frustrated by some thing in the classroom, the solution may be a procedure.


DeAnne Heersche


Member Fee:$125

Non-Member Fee:$250

Available for 1 hour of College Credit through MNU. 

Cancellations must be received 48 hours in advance or fees will be due; same district substitutions are allowed. If Orion is not notified of a cancellation, the district is still responsible for the enrollment fee. We understand that there can be emergencies and we will work with those on an individual basis once we have been contacted in a timely manner.

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