Speech to Print Virtual Book Study


Wednesday, June 29, 4:00pm – 5:00pm




Luisa C. Moats' book, Speech to Print has long been a key player in understanding how to teach reading. The third edition brings in ten more years of current research to help teachers dig deeper into how students learn how to read. Come beef up your own understanding and join us to collaborate how to push the limits on incorporating structured literacy using evidence-based methods.

This book study will be virtual through Zoom, and will consist of one hour sessions held on Wednesdays from June 8-July 13.

Learners will use the interactive notetaking guide on each chapter to guide their understanding as they read. At the completion of the book, each learner will either write a reflection of how they will use what they've learned throughout the book in their own classroom, OR they will create an hour of professional development presentation to present to their colleagues on what they've learned and how they will use it. 

Participants will need to purchase the book, Speech to Print by Louisa C. Moats, and have access to a computer/network capable of running Zoom. The ISBN number is 978-1681253305.

Target Audience: K-8 Reading Teachers 


Tanya Jacobucci


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