Student Choice, Student Voice


Thursday, May 30, 12:30pm – 3:30pm


Orion Education & Training 13939 Diagonal Rd. Clearwater, KS. 67026


Tired of the same old poster boards, tri-folds, and Powerpoints? It is challenging to transform a classroom into a learner-centered environment. Student Voice & Choice is personalized learning and is all about the learner, starts with the learner, and means the student owns and drives their learning. Come check out 50+ ways to give your students a voice and help them to SHOW WHAT THEY KNOW in ways you never thought possible! Join us in this High & Low Tech adventure on helping students own their own learning.

Target Audience: 4-12


Jason Crist


Member Workshop Fee: $60
Nonmember Workshop Fee: $100

Available for College Credit through Baker University. This is a part of our course bundle and you can choose from 1-3 credit hours.

  • 1 credit hour is awarded for two half-day workshops with the required completed assignments.
  • 2 credit hours are awarded for four half-day workshops with the required completed assignments.
  • 3 credit hours are awarded for six half-day workshops with the required completed assignments.

Outside assignment required for all bundle workshops (1/2 workshops offered May 29- July 31, 2019).

Cancellations must be received 48 hours in advance or fees will be due; same district substitutions are allowed. If Orion is not notified of a cancellation, the district is still responsible for the enrollment fee. We understand that there can be emergencies and we will work with those on an individual basis once we have been contacted in a timely manner.

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