Our STAR program is designed to help students that are at risk of not graduating from high school on time. We realize that some students are more successful in a smaller learning environment with fewer distractions. Our STAR students attend onsite at one of our conveniently located learning centers. Upon enrollment, every student is prescribed a customized graduation plan outlining the courses they need to graduate! Students utilize our high speed Internet and up-to-date computer equipment to access their courses online.

To help prevent our students from becoming overwhelmed, we develop a learning plan that allows them to focus on two courses at a time. Our customized calendar feature assists students in organizing their time by assigning daily lessons to ensure timely course completion. 

If you are interested in attending our STAR program, you must be currently attending and receive a recommendation from one of the following schools: Andover High School, Andover Central High School, Circle High School, Douglass High School, and Rose Hill High School.  Once you are recommended for placement, you will need to fill out our application form. If space is available, a review meeting will be scheduled with the STAR program leader to discuss placement in the program.

Click here to download an enrollment packet. 


STAR is supported by the following schools:

  • Andover High School
  • Andover Central High School
  • Circle High School
  • Douglass High School
  • Rose Hill High School

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