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We realize that not all students enter school with the same skills or strengths. Our Virtually Instructed Placement (VIP) program is designed specifically for students in grades K-12. Upon enrollment, we assess every student to identify their specific learning needs. Once identified, we customize a learning plan that will enable them to overcome past obstacles and move forward with their academic goals.

Students are allowed to work from home or any computer that has a high speed internet connection. All students are assigned a Virtual Course Monitor to assist them with academic tutoring, effective time management strategies, test proctoring, and post-secondary planning. Our Virtual Course Monitors, Virtual Learning Coaches, Counselors, and Virtual Program Leader all work together to provide multiple levels of support for our VIP students.

To help prevent our students from becoming overwhelmed, we develop a learning plan that allows them to focus on two courses at a time. Our online calendar feature assists students in organizing their time by assigning daily lessons to ensure timely course completion. 

If your current learning environment is not working for you, apply today and start LEARNING YOUR WAY!


VIP is supported by the following school districts:

USD 205 Bluestem, USD 264 Clearwater, USD 265 Goddard, USD 311 Pretty Prarie, USD 341 Oskaloosa, USD 343 Perry-Lecompton, USD 356 Conway Springs, USD 357 Belle Plaine, USD 358 Oxford, USD 372 Silver Lake, USD 375 Circle, USD 385 Andover, USD 394 Rose Hill, USD 396 Douglass, USD 437 Auburn-Washburn, USD 450 Shawnee Heights, USD 465 Winfield, USD 490 El Dorado, and USD 492 Flint Hills

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