Orion Education and Training offers several social emotional and character development training opportunities for your district, including:

  • Positive Behavior Support Training (MTSS or other) - Orion provides all training of MTSS and uses the Behavior training to incorporate all elements of behavior including social emotional into a building plan.
  • CHAMPS Training and Support - Dr. Randy Sprick’s excellent classroom management training is offered in two-day workshops or in individual buildings.
  • Student Improvement Team Training and Support - We can help train your SIT team or analyze how your existing team is operating. 
  • Trauma-Sensitive Schools - New to several schools, we offer ways to address trauma in schools including teacher training and the use of the ACE survey.
  • Crisis Training and Support - Included in district membership, we offer training for a Crisis Network that we use in the event of district crisis situations. Counselors are on-site from area schools as long as needed. Consultants are also ready to assists administrators. We also offer FREE training to create district crisis policies.
  • Social Emotional Character Development Standards - As we focus more on SECD, we offer training with the standards and recommendations for programs for your district to use.
  • Measuring SECD - With the focus on measurement from the Kansans Can vision, we can help you select an appropriate tool to record impact of social emotional needs.
  • Lions Quest - We provide training on the only K-12, evidence-based character education program. 
  • Individual Plans of Study - We can assist districts in implementing an IPS system for students or help analyze to determine effectiveness and needed adjustments.
  • Xello - We are able to provide training for Xello for teachers and counselors. This is critical training in order to implement this tool well! If you haven’t trained your staff in great detail, we would encourage that you do.
  • Suicide Prevention Course - With the newly-minted Jason Flatt Act, we are required to learn more about the warning signs for suicide, steps to take if you have identified a student or adult who is thinking about suicide, and resources that can help. Orion Education and Training has produced a video that addresses the Flatt Act requirement of 1 hour training for all teachers.

Contact: Lori Jensen Wilson or DeAnne Heersche

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