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Regional Title 1 Schoolwide Training

Beginning with the 2020-21 school year, all Title I Schoolwide programs are required to complete the process using KansaStar. With the statewide Stay at Home order issued by Governor Kelly, KSDE is CANCELING all of the regional on-site trainings at this time.…

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Discover Kagan for Free

This workshop is free for Administrators and 1 classroom teacher to attend together.  This is a traditional Cooperative Learning Day 1 , however it is meant for administrators and one teacher from their building so they can experience what the Kagan method is…

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Kagan July Workshops

Kagan offers the world’s most powerful and engaging professional development opportunities for educators, all while meeting the demands associated with implementing State Standards.  Kagan will help boost academic gains, close the achievement gap and ensure…

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Mentoring Program

All new-to-profession teachers are required by the Kansas State Department of Education to participate in an approved 2-year mentoring program. New-to-profession counselors, library media specialists, reading specialists, and administrators are required to…

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Classroom Coaching

How can you become a superstar teacher? Through practice with feedback! If you are working on improving your jump shot or hitting home runs and your form is not working, then practicing won’t help you become better. But with guidance from a coach, you can…

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