Chromebook Cruise

All aboard! Join us as we set sail for a 2-day technology conference full of Google greatness and web-based classroom tools that enhance teaching and learning. If you don’t use Chromebooks, no worries! The tech topics can be utilized on any type of…

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Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1

Create full student engagement with Kagan Structures—simple yet powerful cooperative learning instructional strategies. Supported by a large body of scientific research, and proven effective in countless classrooms, schools, and districts, this revolutionary…

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Trauma-Informed Schools with Jim Sporleder

Jim Sporleder is one of the leaders of the Trauma-Informed movement in schools! He co-authored the book The Trauma-Informed School with Heather Forbes. Jim retired as principal of Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA in 2014, after transforming the school…

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Rick Wormeli: Standards-Based Grading

Join us for a candid and compelling look at what is and is not standards-based assessment and grading. We will explore what it means to be truly evidence-based in assessing and reporting students' achievements regarding standards and learner outcomes, and we…

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Classroom Coaching

How can you become a superstar teacher? Through practice with feedback! If you are working on improving your jump shot or hitting home runs and your form is not working, then practicing won’t help you become better. But with guidance from a coach, you can…

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We Have Changed Our Name

The Service Center at Clearwater is excited to announce that we’ve changed our name! We are now called Orion Education and Training and hope our new name will simplify and streamline communication. We’re happy to note that management and staff will remain the…

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